Christmas Card, 2003

It was late December. There was no way to procrastinate any longer. Something had to be done about sending out Christmas cards to our families. Lorie had been gently nudging me (with a baseball bat) to either make a Christmas card, or let her just go and buy some. Eventually, she gave up and painted a quick tree, just to show me how easy it was. I felt it was missing something, though, so I added this painting of Trip. This is a typical Trip moment. If I leave tools unsupervised in his reach, he'll make off with them. No box of nails is safe. And never, ever, trust him to guard your bag of Cheetos. Just don't.
This is the finished version of our 2003 Christmas card, with Lorie's tree. This will always be special, because it was the first Christmas card we created together and sent out under the studio name.