Attic of Memories

After the fall of civilization, and the massive destruction and death that followed, the few who knew how to seize power and gain control were able to rise quickly. Freed of the constraints of civilized behaviour, they were able to carve out much larger niches than they might have been able to before. One such was the product of an advanced military project, named Adobe (Project ADOBE: Advanced Desert Operations Biological Engineering). She was based on the desert aoudad (a.k.a barbary sheep, though technically neither sheep nor goat). She's the protector and mentor of Phillip X.

Adobe had a time of innocence in her life, though, in a more civilized era. On an impulse, she decided to visit the home she had been raised in. It's somewhat worse for wear and the years, but a few things still remained, such as her old toy chest, in the attic. She found there the first toy she'd ever gotten that looked like her, and remembered someone she'd almost forgotten ever existed – herself as a child.

Incidentally, isn't Ammotragus Lervia a great name? I could see naming a child that. That would be cool.

11 x 14, Acrylic on Canvas