Blackfoot and Whitefoot

A.K.A. Serengeti Sunrise
It's morning on the veldt, and the new inheritors of what was once Tanzania are dragging themselves awake – or at least one of them is. His mate is trying to ignore the increasingly annoying sun and the stirring of her darker half, so that she can snag just a few more minutes.

These guys are a mix of several animals, with a few things I came up with on my own. Like antilope cervicapra (blackbuck), the difference in appearance between the males and females is striking, which is the reason for the title of the picture. Not only are his lower legs darker than hers, but she has one fewer toes.

This is one of those pictures that fascinates me from the standpoint of people's reactions to it. Men seem to think that she is dead, and he is mourning her, and women seem to catch on that it's morning, and she just wishes she was dead so she could sleep in another few minutes.

11 x 14 Pencil on bristol