The Outrider

The Malkirru come from a planet with a gravity somewhat heavier than Earth's, which makes them very dense, very strong, and very difficult to hurt. The spines on their head and neck are quite sharp and stiff, easily capable of going through a careless human hand. Their society is based around the six largest corporations, whose directors have the status virtually of kings, with power of life and death over those who live under them and work for them.

This female Malkirru is part of the Base Corps, who maintain security for the Six, and are not beholden to any particular one of the Lords (as can be determined by the hexagonal badge on her vest). The vehicle she's leaning on is known as a "Strike Cycle," a small, dangerously-overpowered, single-seat flying craft, capable of out-accelerating a Sidewinder missile. They are usually fitted with a single plasma cannon, but may be equipped with smaller projectile arms for more peaceful patrols, such as dual 23.7mm chain guns.

I've had people suggest that she's drinking vodka instead of water. As far as I'm concerned what she puts in her canteen is her own business, as long as she's not flying over my house.

Acrylic on canvas board, 11x14"